Flexflooring involved in 3 holes in 1 (installation)!

April 2012

purley downs (18)Flexflooring Ltd has recently completed an installation over 300 metres of pathways at Purley Downs Golf Club, transforming grit pathways prone to surface washout into hard wearing, yet soft underfoot Rubbaflex Golf Pathways.

Established in 1894, Purley Downs Golf Club is a mature downland course situated in Surrey with superb views over London.  The club contacted Flexflooring after experiencing problems with their red grit pathways surrounding the clubhouse and the 2nd, 9th and 18th


holes, which are partly situated on slopes and therefore prone to wash out after heavy rain leaving the pathways uneven underfoot and unsightly.

Our Rubbaflex Golf Pathways are the perfect solution in such a situation as they are designed to reduce maintenance, reduce path washout from heavy rain and reduce noise associated with other hard paving options whilst increasing the safety and aesthetic appeal of uneven surfaces made from grit, crushed shell or pebble.  In addition, Rubbaflex golf

Purley Downs GC.Pouring concrete (0182)pathways are tough and wear resistant to spiked shoes and suitable for buggy use.

The installation at Purley Downs Golf Club is a good example of the different processes required for installing sloping Rubbaflex pathways in comparison to installing onto flat areas.

Preparation is a key element on any project, but particularly crucial when installing onto a slope.  In this instance, Flexflooring undertook the necessary ground works including installing a concrete substrate, finished to our specification and laid in one single pour, to offer the stability required to anchor the EPDM topping.  On completion of the surface preparation element, a

15mm wearing course of Rubbaflex EPDM granules is installed onto the cured concrete.

In comparison, the flat section of the pathway around the 18th hole required different surface preparation.  This took the form of scrapping back the crushed grit and re-compacting the surface before installing a layer of 25mm of recycled base rubber followed by a 15mm wearing course of Rubbaflex EPDM granules.

The entire installation, including groundworks and 3-week break to allow the concrete to cure fully, took just over a month from start to finish.  Given that the installation was undertaken in February 2012, time was also required to allow for the snowy conditions!
Installation of the Rubbaflex itself took less than 5 working days.  Purley Downs Golf Course opted for 100% black EPDM, for their Rubbaflex golf pathways. On completion, it is easy to see the transformation, from uneven, untidy grit pathways to smooth, safe Rubbaflex Golf pathways.

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