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Rebulic, Export House

Client: Galliford Try
250M2 PU Comfort Floor

Project Background

Galliford Try asked Flexflooring to inspect a failing microcement surface at Export House in London. Due to movement in the concrete slab and failing joints, numerous cracks had appeared in the original microcement surface and the resulting floor looked unseemly and needed an overhaul.

Prep Work

The original microcement was 2-3mm thick and was removed using our HTC 500415 volt floor grinder with a vacuum attachment to minimise the dust. Another issue was that there were not enough construction joints in the screeded sub base. New joints were introduced in the most suitable areas, like between the structural uprights.

As with most projects, its all in the prep. Approximately 50% of the installation time was spent getting the subbase right.

Republic, Export House

Products Used

Arturo EP6500 epoxy primer, Mesh, EP6200 EPOXY SCRATCH COAT, Arturo PU 2060 regulating layer, PU2035 body coat, PU 3320 pigmented seal coat, PU7320 satin seal coat.

The main decorative install layers were made up of four different polyurethane coats applied in different thicknesses and applications. To allow for sufficient curing it was only possible to install one layer a day.

The biggest issue with these systems is always contamination between layers, dust or detritus showing through the next day, so all operatives will be wearing Tyvek suits, over shoes, gloves etc to minimise contamination.

This process took a further 5 days allowing for 2 coats of PU 3320 pigmented seal coat.

There was one issue during the install with 1 pack (out of 25) of PU2035 bodycoat being contaminated with very small plastic pellets, which stood up in the 2mm thick application. This pack was poured right in the middle of the main entrance, so the worst possible place visually. We agreed that the best strategy would be to leave and sand out individually the next day.

Another issue that was identified by the on site maintenance team, was that the liquid floor was poured right upto the maintenance panel on the lift lobby turnstiles. Flexflooring immediately attended site and remedied with some care cutting back with a Stanley knife to allow the access panel to be moved back. Learn more about the different industrial epoxy flooring we can apply.


Feedback received from the main contractor was that the client was very happy, so much so they wanted the opposite office building atrium completed in the same system which we are due to start in the next couple of months.


2 week project – week one prep of surface, week 2 installation of new system.

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