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Industrial Coatings, Biomass plant

Client: BWSC
1500m2 Epoxyflex

Project background

Flexflooring were approached in January 2018 by BWSC, the main contractor responsible for the construction of the new Biomass plant for renewable energy being constructed in Sandwich, Kent.

The requirement was for a tough, chemical resistant, non slip epoxy coating to the turbine hall and boiler house, a total of approximately 1500m2.


Flexflooring proposed to install an epoxyflex coating by Remmers due to its good chemical resistant properties with ADD250, a special blend of polymer beads dispersed into the resin to give a slip resistant profile. Areas needed to be broken down into 300-400m2 sub areas to allow work to continue at the plant.

Industrial Floor

Products Used

Quartzline primer and binder, DKI Quartz 0.4mm – 0.8mm, Epoxyflex PH, Epoxyquik , ADD250

Floor prep

Prep work

The first task was to prepare the concrete base. Due to the complexity of the site, this did involve a lot of hand grinding around the machinery, but on larger areas it was possible to use larger grinding machines with diamond tooling. Once the area was ground a scratch coat blend of fast setting epoxy and filler was used to fill any defects in the floor.

First coat

After the area had been ground and all minor repairs carried out, the first coat of Epoxyflex with ADD250 was roller coated onto the surface.  Read about the other industrial epoxy resin flooring we can provide.

Second Coat

Second coat

Shortly afterwards the second coat was applied to the areas, transforming the old dusty concrete surface, to a chemical resistant, resin surface. The work was completed over a period of around 4 weeks. Read more about the different types of flooring for warehouses we offer.

Unexpected issues to overcome: Pigeon excretion falling on a curing surface.

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