Flexflooring Golf Pathways and Design work at Shirley Park Golf Club

March 2011

Working for Shirley Park Golf Club, Flexflooring Ltd’s safety surfacing has helped transform a number of pathways and the logo at the first tee and Pro Shop provides an eye-catching focal point.

Flexflooring has worked with Shirley Park for a number of years to improve pathways across the course.  On the sloping pathways of the 8th and 9th tees, we installed our Rubbaflex safety surfacing onto a concrete sub-base (compulsory on slopes) at an average of 15mm.

Plain black EPDM is a popular colour choice.

Our safety surfacing has also been installed on steps up to the first tee.

A unique aspect of this installation is the inclusion of a 3m x 3m full colour logo at the first tee.

The intricate design work and lettering of the logo is captured perfectly by our skilled tradesmen.

For more information on the products we use for golf pathways, please visit our wet pour flooring page or contact us online.

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