Flexflooring Safety Surfacing at Peppa Pig World

March 2011
Peppa Pig Rainbow Pathway 004Working in conjunction with Paultons Park, Flexflooring Ltd’s safety surfacing creates a stunning rainbow pathway threading throughout the new attraction for 2011; Peppa Pig World.

Whilst we usually recommend blending colours, this bold design called for strong single colours.  The rainbow pathway is created one colour at a time, starting with 100% red.  The first colour is trowelled up to a wooden edge to ensure a clean finish to the pathway.

Subsequent colours are hand trowelled using the edge of the previous colour to trowel up to.The pathway neatly finishes at the interactive splash pad surface, also installed by Flexflooring.

The finished pathway creates a stunning rainbow effect that brightens up the entire area. Read more a about our playground flooring here.

Floors at Peppa Pig World Peppa Pig World Paths Peppa Pig Rainbow Path

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