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Woodgreen Lido

Client: Parkwood Community Leisure
994M2 Rubbaflex

Project Background

Working on behalf of Parkwood Community Leisure, Flexflooring Ltd’s Rubbaflex fg creates a safe and stylish finish around the refurbished Lido and newly installed splash pad.

Prep Work

Key to any successful installation is the preparation of the substrate.  Flexflooring took a total of 2 weeks to prepare the surface and in this instance, the team undertook diamond grinding of the new concrete pad to ensure a strong key.

A total of 994m² of Rubbaflex fg was installed.  Flexflooring included a special UV resistant aliphatic polyurethane resin to minimize colour change.

Lido Prep

Products Used

Gezoflex 0.5-1.5mm EPDM granules, aliphatic  pu binders, concrete primer.

Woodgreen Lido

The pool surround is finished in Jazz, a unique colour mix.

Other areas have been completed in Andalucía; a popular colour mix consisting of equal parts dark grey, white and beige. Steps were finished in red as a safety feature. The new splash pad has been finished in red and blue.

On completion, our Rubbaflex fg safety surfacing creates a low maintenance surface that greatly enhances the overall look of the entire outdoor area, whilst reducing dramatically the number of minor accidents.

For more information about our Rubbaflex fg product, please visit our wet pour flooring page.

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