April 2015

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In April 2015 Flexflooring was awarded the contract for the supply and installation of over 1100 square metres of Rubbaflex Sg, replacing an old pathway around part of the course and the halfway house at Sundridge Gold Club.

The colour choice was black with a 20% green fleck, as chosen by the club. Before work could begin, Flexflooring had to scrape clean the existing path and install timber edges to join elements of the path together. The surface was to be made up of a 25mm wearing course of Rubbaflex sg and then a 15mm wearing course consisting of a black with 20% green fleck.

Once preparation was complete the 25mm of base was ready to be laid with our automatic paver, P207. Once the base had been laid and cured, Flexflooring installed the wearing course, again with the paving machine.

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Including groundwork, preparation, laying the base and the wearing course took a total of 9 days. The newly laid Rubbaflex sg golf path is not only aesthetically pleasing but proved to be the ideal solution to reduce path washout from heavy rain as well as reducing noise.

Sundridge Golf Club were very happy with the end result, and we hope to be installing more pathways there soon.

For more information on Rubbaflex sg, please visit our Wet Pour Flooring page.

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